What is WeWill?

WeWill helps people set and achieve unreasonable goals that inspire others: “goals that their friends would laugh at!”

Have you dreamed of doing something extraordinary and not known how to go about it?  You know its beyond your comfort zone and you need expertise to show it is realistic and help you get there?  WeWill gives you all that you need to surprise yourself and your friends.

An unreasonable goal is personal to you. Its not about an Olympic medal, rather a goal that is transformative for yourself that you can be proud of. Check out the wide range of member journeys below.

Our community of ambassadors and coaches will help you realise what is possible and structure an approach into a rewarding, fun and fulfilling journey with expert mentorship. Who’s laughing now!

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Our Programs

Port to Port 23-26 May 2019

Want a challenge but unsure of where to start looking? Well look no further. WeWill is offering you the opportunity to embark on an adventure...

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Go Wild Program

Want a program that will motivate and push you to take on more outdoor challenges than you ever thought you could do! The Go Wild program is the perfect way to be supported to start your journey right at your door step.

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NZ Coast to Coast Feb 9th 2019

Join members like Mark starting from no experience to compete in this gruelling 243km epic from West Coast in Greymouth to Christchurch on the East Coast of NZ by foot, bike and kayak!

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MTB Skills Tour and MB Race July 2019 (Exact Dates TBC)

Build your skills over 3 days on the most stunning MTB trails & scenery in Europe. Optionally extend your experience and complete the epic Mont Blanc MTB event with our support.

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Or WeWill create your own goal

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WeWill Leaders, Coaches & Guides for the Mont Blanc Challenge

Nick Gatland

WeWill founder 

Nick loves setting himself unreasonable goals. Sometimes he even achieves them! Other times he crashes and burns. He always has fun trying, be it setting up Virgin Mobile for Richard Branson in South Africa in 9 months, or going from mountain bike novice to finisher of the worlds toughest mountain bike race. Nick is now committed to help others set & achieve unreasonable goals that will provide them with similar fun and fulfilling journeys.

Lucy Mason

Leader and Coach  

Lucy is driven by people telling her she can’t do something. It inspires her to set and achieve new goals everyday. The thought of failure doesn’t scare her, but drives her to look into how to achieve it in a different way.
From academia to sport, it never stops her from setting goals that to others eyes seem unreasonable.

Nick Smith

Coach & MTB Guide 

Nick is always up for a challenge, working as a leader of a major Aviation company and as a Level 3 British Cycling certified coach specialising in road, time trial, MTB and Cylocross. “It’s the best feeling in the world helping others reach their potential”

Thomas Simmons

MTB Guide & Ambassador 

For Thomas the more unreasonable the goal the better! As long as it is outdoors and involves 2 wheels (or maybe 2 cross country skis) he is in! It may be a competition such as his 4th at the World Master Road champs, or a seemingly unreachable climb on his mountain bike.

Jacqui Coward

Director of Leaders of the Future 

Jacqui is normally the first up the hill. If not she’ll be the first to the bottom. Jacqui rips whether it is in elite MTB races or with us on our trips. More than that she loves to share those skills with the group, all with a smile and a holla!

Andy Pickett

Director of WeWill UK 

Andy joined WeWill for the Mont Blanc challenge. Achievement of that unreasonable goal has inspired Andy to carry on his journey with WeWill by setting up WeWill in the UK.

Some of the WeWill community members journeys to unreasonable goals

Ryan Alcock: Overcome cancer, depression and live your best life.

How Ryan Alcock uses life’s obstacles to motivate him for his next unreasonable goal and inspires those around him.

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My journey to the Robertson : “You didn’t deserve this – you earned it”.

It was my parents dream for me too – to see me reach my full potential, find my passion and live a fulfilled life.

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Mark Jobbins Stay Active Campaign Journey For Dementia

Mark has now almost completed his 12 month preparation journey to compete in and finish the NZ Coast to Coast Race this Feb 2019.

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John McAvoy, former criminal to leading sports representative

We hear of many that say they have turned their life around. Not like this! People might tell you they have changed but have they really achieved that? John McAvoy did.

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Nick Smith : From track novice to world masters in 12 months

I set myself the goal to make the scratch final of the 2016 World Masters Track cycling championship. I just needed a bike and to catch up on 20 years of experience in 12 months ..

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Nicks Crocodile Trophy Journey

It all started in Jan 17 when Nick visited his mate Nick in Suisse. A few red wines led to an a random pick of an event from the ‘Worlds Greatest Endurance Challenges’ for 2017.

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Jess Thompson my unexpected rowing journey to Worlds

I could have quit. That’s the easy choice. I could have stopped rowing like the rest of my crew. I wanted more – to prove to people I could qualify for Nationals even if it was alone.

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Lucy Mason coaching: Your goals are my goals.

Fresh out of university and desperate to combine work and my love for rowing. I soon accepted a Gap year working at a school coaching rowing. However, it just happened to be on the other side of the world.

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